Recommend A Friend

Get rewarded for referring friends and family to Beauty12!

How It Works

Email us at for your unique code.

Anyone that uses your code at checkout will receive 15% off their first subscription.

You get rewarded every time your code is used successfully!


If your code is used to subscribe to a monthly beauty box, you will receive 15% off the cost of your subscription on your next renewal.

Your code can also be used to purchase our pre-pay packages. The reward will be in the form of Beauty12 credits, and the amount will depend on the package:

3 months = £4.00

6 months = £8.00

12 months = £16.00

Credits will be calculated monthly and made available to you in the form of a Beauty12 Gift Card on your account. The gift card can be used to purchase boxes as well as products from our online shop. Happy shopping!


1. You must be subscribed to a Beauty12 beauty box to benefit from the Recommend A Friend Scheme.

2. Discount Rewards

2.1 Discount Rewards are applied when a person referred by you uses your unique code to subscribe to a monthly Beauty12 beauty box. The current rate is 15% off your subscription per successful referral.

2.2 Discount Rewards will be issued at your next subscription renewal, and do not include shipping costs.

2.3 You may refer as many people as you like, but you will only be eligible to receive up to 90% off per subscription period.

2.4 If you cancel your subscription before your Discount Rewards have been issued, you may be able to redeem them if and when you resume your subscription to Beauty12 within 6 months, at our sole discretion.

3. Gift Card Rewards

3.1 Gift Card Rewards are issued when a person referred by you uses your unique code to subscribe to a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month prepay package of the Beauty12 beauty box.

3.2 Gift Card Rewards will be issued at the end of each calendar month, and may only be redeemed through our site.

3.3 All purchases made via Gift Card Rewards will be subject to availability.

3.4 Gift Card Rewards will expire after one year of being issued.

3.5 If you cancel your subscription before we have issued your Gift Card Rewards, we will calculate the rewards accrued until the point of cancellation and issue your Gift Card Rewards via email.

4. Rewards may not be exchanged for cash under any circumstances, and have a monetary value of £0.

5. We reserve the right to withdraw or cancel Rewards for any reason at any time.

6. Recommend A Friend Scheme is not available for the Monthly Beauty Essentials.

7. By requesting a code from us, you are accepting these terms in full.