Frequently Asked Questions

How It Works

What subscriptions do you offer? 

You can either choose to pay monthly, or pick one of our 3, 6, or 12 month packages.  We now offer the Monthly Beauty Essentials as well, which is a monthly subscription. 

How much does it cost?   

The Monthly Beauty Essentials pack costs £9.99 plus postage a month. The Monthly Beauty Box is available as a month-to-month subscription, and we also offer prepay packages. A monthly subscription costs £15 for the box plus postage.  The 3-month subscription is a one-off payment of £42 plus postage, saving you £3. The 6-month subscription is a one off payment of £80 plus postage, saving you £10. The 12-month subscription is a one off payment of £155, plus postage, saving you £25.   That's it. No hidden costs.    

When are payments taken out of my account? 

Your first payment will be taken when you checkout. After that, payments are taken on the 3rd of each month, unless the 3rd is a bank holiday (in which case payment will be taken the next working day).    

Where do you deliver to? 

We currently deliver to the UK and the EU, but we will soon be delivering to the rest of Europe. Make sure you follow our social media accounts (@Beauty12Box on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) for updates!   

When will I receive my box? 

You should receive your box between the 10th and 20th of each month depending on when you subscribed, but please allow a couple of extra days in case of postal delays. We usually ship out boxes twice a month, but we will let you know when your box has been shipped. If you live in a more remote area, such as the Scottish Highlands, your box may take a little longer to get to you.    

I want to cancel my subscription, how do I do this?  

You can cancel your subscription at any time through your account on our website, or by emailing us at   For monthly subscriptions, please make sure you cancel before the 3rd of the month, otherwise you will be billed as normal and receive a box for that month. For example, if you find you have too many products in June and wish to cancel before the July box is shipped, you would need to cancel before 3rd July.   For 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions, you must cancel before your subscription is due to renew. Alternatively, you can choose to switch to a monthly subscription, or temporarily freeze your account.   Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.   

I have too many products, can I freeze my account?   

Of course you can! We understand that beauty products arriving every month may get a little overwhelming, even for us beauty addicts. That's why we give you the option to freeze your subscriptions for up to 3 months, so you can get the chance to use what you have before resuming the service.   You can freeze your account on our website, or by emailing us at   Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.   

I want to send this box as a gift, how do I do that?   

Just click 'This is a gift' at checkout. Make sure you put the recipients details in the delivery information, otherwise you will end up with their gift. Great for you; not so much for them.    

My box / its contents are damaged. What should I do?   

Oh no! We are so sorry. Please take a picture and email it to us at so we can sort this out for you as quickly as possible.  

The Boxes

What will I get in my Beauty12 box?

You will usually get 5 items each month, which will be a mixture of makeup, hair care, skincare, and bath & body items. You will never get the same product twice in a 12-month period, but you may see some companies popping up every now and again within the year. 

We try to make sure that we include as many full-sized products as we can. However, we may include sample sizes when the full-size version is just too big for the box, or when we include special one-off items.  Each box will be worth a minimum total of £35, making it a bit of a steal at £15 a box!

Are all the companies you work with totally vegan?

Not all the companies are totally vegan. The reason behind this is simple; if people buy more vegan options than non-vegan options, brands (especially large corporations) will notice this trend and eventually switch to providing vegan alternatives for their entire range. Our dream is that cruelty free and vegan become the industry standard. 

Every company we work with is cruelty free, i.e. does not test on animals. We only ever include products that are 100% vegan in our boxes and on our online shop.

Why do your boxes have names on them? And why do some of those names have halos above them? 

Each month we choose a special person or animal that is important to us, and dedicate that month's box to them. If there is a halo above their name, this unfortunately means we have lost that special person or animal from our lives. We hope we are doing them proud. 

Beauty12 and Our Ethos

What's with the name?

Ever tried to set up a company and come up with an original name? Well, we had about 10 amazing and totally unique names... that we immediately had to throw out as someone else had already registered them. 

After a brief mental breakdown, 'Beauty12' appeared out of nowhere and seemed to make perfect sense. Beauty, for 12 months of the year, and it can be shortened to B12 (something that we vegans never get enough of apparently *eyeroll*)

Totally genius. Also no one else had registered it so... Woohoo! 

Why vegan? Isn't cruelty free enough? 

Although the fact that so many companies are going cruelty free is fantastic, to put it bluntly; no, its not enough. Animal industries are completely barbaric and, quite frankly, unnecessary, so we don't want to contribute to that. But for us, it ultimately boils down to; that's not our milk, that's not our honey, that's not our silk. We have no right to take it. 

I am a blogger / influencer / company and would love to collaborate, how do I do this?

Simply drop us an email at with a little bit about you. We love hearing from different people, and will email you back as soon as we can.