Every Girl. Everywhere. Period. 

Days for Girls envisions a world where menstruation is no longer a source of shame and taboo, and where every woman and girl has ready access to hygiene solutions. 

Through volunteers, enterprises, and public and private partnerships, Days for Girls is working to shift how women and girls see themselves and are seen by their communities.  Their Enterprise Programs provide key community members with the tools to make Kits and meet hygiene needs long into the future. Their volunteer Chapters and Teams reach high-need, relief, and emergency settings quickly. Together, these approaches both provide a message to each woman or girl who receives a Kit that she is seen, valued, and loved. 

Hygiene solutions are a little thing that becomes a big thing quickly, when millions of women and girls suddenly have what they need to stay in school, pursue opportunity, and succeed. 

Days for Girls founder Celeste Mergens knows what it means to be silenced; to lose power. As a young girl living in extreme poverty she moved 32 times before the age of 13 and then stopped counting. Her family struggled, leaving her childhood filled with frequent abuse and chaos. Yet, through it all, Celeste rose above her circumstances and was determined to not be defined by the conditions surrounding her. 

Celeste saw a way out of poverty when she was offered grants to go to university, and understood the value of an education to open doors that had too often been closed. So when Celeste learned several years later that girls all over the world drop out of school due to lack of feminine supplies, she immediately understood the importance of this issue, and felt she had to step up and take action. Celeste has often remarked,  

“There are plenty of very difficult and complicated problems in this world. This doesn’t need to be one of them. We can solve this, together.”  

Celeste founded Days for Girls at a time when virtually no other organisations were speaking about the global need for menstrual hygiene management solutions. Under her leadership and passion, Days for Girls has developed a global network of over 900 volunteer Chapters and Teams, and social enterprise programs in 14 countries, all while maintaining an extremely low overhead.  

Days for Girls is a two-time Girl Effect Champion, won the SEED Award for gender equity and entrepreneurship in 2015, and was named by the Huffington Post as a ‘Next Ten’ Organisation poised to change the world in the next decade. Celeste was featured as a panelist at the 2015 and 2016 UN Commissions on the Status of Women, and speaks around the world to break the silence around menstruation.   

Days for Girls puts freedom and opportunity back into the hands of women and girls, through providing sustainable hygiene solutions, and through creating an environment for narrative change at critical junctures in a woman or girl's life. 

There are a lot of things that are hard to change in the world. This isn’t one of them.  

To learn more about the amazing work they do, please visit their website.  

30p from every Beauty12 box sold is donated to Days for Girls.