About Us

A little about our mission...

Beauty12 was started by two vegan London girls (now based in Manchester), who were tired of spending hours and hours reading ingredients lists when shopping for makeup. We were also sick of seeing amazing beauty boxes that were not even cruelty free, let alone vegan. There's nothing fancy about us; thank goodness the same can't be said about our boxes. 

Each box is named after someone (human or animal) that is important to us, and filled with ethical, vegan beauty products. Curated and hand-wrapped by us and our incredibly small team (thank you Sophie); our aim is that you fall a little bit more in love with your Beauty12 box every month.   We are vegan for the animals and for our planet. We don't believe that should stop us from having amazing, great-quality cosmetics, just like everybody else. Because, come on, having that perfect eyebrow pencil is basically a human right by now.    

So join us in the #B12Rebellion, and help us make cruelty free and vegan beauty the industry norm.  

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