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Brand Of The Month

Our Brand Of The Month this month is the fruitiliciously wonderful Fruu

Fruu source the freshest possible ingredients without compromise. All products are made in small batches in their UK workshop to make sure they are as fresh as possible. 

Their founder, Terence, is a biochemist, former medical researcher and now a cosmetic scientist. He loves all things science and making awesome new skincare products using natural ingredients.  Fruu products are largely made of ingredients extracted and derived from more than 15 different types of nutrient bursting fruits, and the packaging is 100% bio-degradable.  

Fruu also love animals, and do not test their products on animals or use any animal products. They are vegan-friendly, PETA certified, and donate a portion of their profits to World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to help preserve natural diversity. Fruu believes "If you can't afford to buy it, it is not sustainable!". 

They strive to use the most responsibly-sourced ingredients possible and offer guilt-free sustainable living at a most affordable cost possible. Most of the ingredients are produced as a by-product of processed fruit waste, which generates vital extra revenue for small fruit farmers.      

Please click the button below to visit their site and learn more about them, and keep an eye out for an interview with them on our blog very soon.